Evansville’s Oldest Most Trusted Transmission Specialist’s


OUR FOUNDER RED RIDEOUT  (08/20/1932 – 04/19/2013)



Red and Vivian Rideout (their 50th Wedding Anniversary)

50 anniversary

Founders of Rideout’s Transmission

P2150013_small[1]          Mebig_small[1]        P1010012_small[1]        Gregandkris_small[1]

 David R  at                 David R at            Dawn R.         Kris R and Greg
       work                         home                 

P1010157_small[1]          P2150015_small1[1]        davidh_small[1]       P2150002_small1[1]

                      Kris R                                                David H.                                  

P2150008_small1[1]       P2150006_small[1]         Betty%20Boop%20001_small[1]           Betty%20Boop%20002_small[1]

        Ryan                   Kris and Ryan                                              Jake B                     

P2150016_small[1]      P1010010_small[1]    P2150018_small[1]     PA150139_small[1]

    Rodney R          Keith Becker 1958 – 2005                                        I Sold My Toy 🙁

                        We miss you Keith!


The Zamboni that we sponsor for the

Evansville Thunderbolts Hockey Team



Vocal Expressions

A Cappella Quartet

The Quartet that I sing in.

inside_small[1]    front-cover_small[1]      back_small[1]     paul-and-david_small[1]    alan-carl_small[1]


alan_small[1]     carl_small[1]    paul_small[1]     david_small[1]

   Alan  Bush       Carl Powers    Paul Edwards    David Rideout (me)

       Bass                     Lead                 Tenor                 Baritone