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  •   –  Thank you Tyler Moore, Without his great tutorials I would not have been able to rewrite my website so quickly after my web host stopped supporting my software. For a beautiful site that you can be proud of, watch his tutorials. I actually used the YouTube video, it was step by step and very useful.



    • Rix Products  – My brother Rick’s Model railroad and plastic mold injection business. If your into model railroading, check it out.  He has some really cool stuff.




      • The Big Show   –  Our favorite morning show.  If you like NASCAR, WWF, Rock and Roll, and a lot of laughs, check out their website for the station in your area.




      • Easy Evangelism – If you would like to know what the Bible says about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Faith, Baptism, Sin and many others.  This book will tell you where to find the facts without preaching a lot of personal opinions.